15-Minute Tantra – Sex is Meditation

Tantra may be the mixture of tattva ( the advanced science of cosmic concepts ), and mantra ( the sciences of mystic seem and vibrations ) and it is various applications. Authentic Tantra is dependant on the harmonization of the combination, raising its intensity to limitless potency.

Tantra has an array of practical techniques relevant by women and men of each and every spiritual level. It is aimed at turning every action right into a practice of affection. This is a fundamental tantric connecting meditation: Perform this meditation together with your lover, for fifteen minutes every single day.

Take a seat on cushions, face one another, and shut your vision. Lightly visualise your companion. Relax, be still, and concentrate on deepening and steadying your breath, using your nose and drawing the breath to the pit of the stomach. Relax!

Still relaxing, concentrate on your lover, having a deep feeling of calm. Smile, remember moments together, the pleasure of the initial truly loving embrace together, and permit that feeling to fill you again.

Allow the memory go, but keep the sensation of pleasure, and become enjoyably conscious of yourself together with your lover, at this time. Simply be familiar with yourself, free of ideas of should  or could, and just exist in our moment, now…

Have sex having a steady mind. Locate an internal reason for awareness inside you and settle your brain here, keeping this internal reason for tranquility through the love-making.

Be familiar with your physical arousal and concentrate in your feeling of attraction. Bare this reason for stillness inside you, inside the dynamic movement of the breath and also the electricity of the attraction.

Spread the sensation of affection for your partner, and become relaxed. Breathe before you find balance in movement and stillness, between gentleness and vigor, between arousal and fulfillment.

Notice that tranquil condition in your lover too… and turn into within this relaxed, happy, internal tranquil abiding, before you become still in your ecstasy, and are available to see the union of bliss and avoid itself… your personal, which of the one you love too!

This fundamental connecting ritual, accomplished for fifteen minutes everyday, is effective in removing obstructive, negative vibrations, and calming your brain having a deep feeling of focus. This clears your brain of debris and prepares it for any greater quality of companionship.